Keeping Your Home Cozy This Fall.

Many of the reasons why I love October are the same reasons why people don't love October: It gets cold. It gets rainy. It gets dark earlier because we have this dumb thing called "daylight savings". Last weekend it snowed. (I mean, not a lot or anything - it only lasted for a few minutes. Just long enough for me to look out the window while we were at breakfast and say, "Is that... snow? It's snowing! Look, it's snowing!" ... So, for a few minutes there, it was snowing.)

But snow and cold and rain means that I get to break out my "cute winter clothes". The scarves. The boots. The twenty-million jackets I have even-though-I-only-wear-three-of-them.

It's the time of year when you can finally wear that winter beanie you bought with the giant, fuzzy ball dangling from it that made your boyfriend say, "You're seriously going to buy that? It looks like you have an animal on top of your head."

Obviously I'm going to buy it. I've been searching for one for months. 

It's also the time of year when you can pull out your "Fall home decor", according to all of the bloggers and the magazines and Pier One.  If you're anything like me (AKA: you live in a 1,000 square foot apartment with your boyfriend and have limited space as it is), your Fall home decor may look strikingly similar to your "year-round/all-of-the-time" home decor. (We have zero storage. I mean, the storage that we do have is doubled as our Vaccuum-Swiffer-Shoe-Coat-Laundry closet. There's not exactly room in there for seasonal throw pillows.) 

A Simple Style | Shopping For Home Decor.

I dragged Kyle into the bookstore the other day to "get books for our bookshelf". 

We have a bookshelf in our living room that I've recently gained the opportunity to re-decorate. And when I say "recently gained the opportunity", I mean "one of my plants died and it's thrown the entire shelf out of whack and now I have all of this space to fill where my dead plant used to be." 

I guess if you gain nothing else from this post - there's a lesson in what happens when you don't water your plants. 

Decorating our place for Fall.

My mom used to have these Halloween-inspired window clings that she let me bust out every October. Stickers of ghosts, witches, pumpkins - I think one of them said Happy Halloween? Probably? Every October she'd pull them out of her "Holiday Decorations" bin and let me stick them onto the glass door leading out to the deck. I loved it. This - aside from the in-school Halloween parties where the teachers handed out candy and we got to play games all afternoon - was my favorite part of Halloween.

I mean, I was like seven. The majority of highlights at that age were: candy, that giant parachute thing they let us play with during gym class, and stickers. It's the little things.

I told my mom I wanted to start hanging them in the giant full-story window in the front of the house. "There's more space," I said. "It's going to look so pretty!" I said. And I'm pretty sure if I'd had a more pronounced vocabulary at that age, I would have said, "It's going to be so festive! It's FALL! Let's decorate for FALL!!!!"

So, for the record, that is who you're taking advice from. Someone whose Fall decor once consisted of the desire to stick glass cling-ons of witches and pumpkins to the front of her house. Because she thought they were, like, "so pretty".

Decorating our new apartment!

Here's something I never thought I'd say: "We need shelf liner."

Shelf liner used to be just one of those dumb "extra", "Mom"-type things that somehow found it's way into every apartment that I've ever lived in - cut up, and laid flat in the kitchen cabinets.

I say "somehow" like it magically appeared there. It didn't. My mom would buy this stuff for me - because she's a mom, and it's kind of a "mom" thing - and say "This is to line the shelves of your kitchen cabinets before you put the dishes away." And I would say "Oh, okay, cool" - even though I had no idea why. Does it stop your plates from sliding around? (Can plates really just "slide" around in there?) Does it stop your glasses from smelling like *shelf*? (Aka, wood). Can it keep you from getting splinters?

I don't know. It might just be wallpaper for the kitchen cabinets. But - whatever it does - I knew that I needed it for our new apartment before I could put the dishes away. God forbid we put away our Target brand plates and funny wine glasses that say things like "I make pour decisions" into a cabinet with naked shelves.