About this blog.

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I don’t know how to ask someone to take a picture of me “for my blog” without sounding like a… like a… what’s the mom-approved-PG word for douchebag? Because that’s what I sound like. A pretentious douchebag. It’s hard for me to take myself seriously when I’m saying, “Hey will you take a bloggy picture of me in front of this fountain?“… which is usually followed by, “What should I be doing? Should I, like, look off into the distance? Or, look over my shoulder? Should I smile? Is that weird? Smiling is weird, right?”

Smiling FEELS weird in a “fashion bloggy” sort of picture. I don’t know why. I’ve seen other bloggers do it and it looks totally normal. When I do it, I look like I’m saying “CHEESE!!”.

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We both know the photo shoot is over when I rush back to the photographer and ask, “Is it cute? Can I see it? Will you take another one? What should I do with my hands?” 

I never know what to do with my hands. And I alwaaaays ask if it’s cute. Like the person behind the camera is ever going to tell me:  “I don’t know, Jenn. You’re twenty-seven years old and still pretending to be a model. Is THAT cute?”

Of course, photographers never say that. Especially not mine. Because my “photographer” is my boyfriend and it is a special occasion when I can get him to take a picture of me. I purposely try to look extra fashion-y when we go out, so that I can pull him aside as we’re leaving a restaurant and say “Hey, can I be weird for a second? Will you take a picture of me looking out into traffic?” And he says “Ugh.” and then gives me two minutes to be weird, because he loves me.


This blog is a place where I can tell stories about becoming a fashion blogger from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have 3.5K followers on Instagram, or a professional photographer. A lot of the advice you’ll find here is probably similar to advice from a lot of other fashion blogs on the Internet (because that is probably where I found it) but this blog is much cooler and funnier than those, and has way less pictures of clothes and outfits and stuff to get in your way, so you should stick around. We’re all friends here.

Feel free to say “hi!” or send me a boatload of fancy yoga pants or sunglasses to review. Lululemon, are you listening? Hit me up. I’m waiting. jennsfashion3@gmail.com (Can you believe jennsfashion 1 and 2 were already taken??) 



  1. hello Jennifer 🙂 I really like your blog 😀 made me giggle good few times and it was pure joy to read it from the start, pity you do not write more often!!! all the best from much older crazy cat lady (yep), living in Ireland and having no style whatsoever 😉

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  2. LOVE your blog!!!!! Who takes your photos? Because they are amazing. BEAUTIFUL. We would love some feedback on our blog, but we love your posts + the look of your blog so much!

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