“I have a busy schedule .”<— I hate when people say this, because it sounds like they’re expecting it to come off as a badge of honor. “Today I went to the gym, then to work, THEN came home and made dinner – also, I washed my hair. This wasn’t a dry shampoo day. Please let me know where I can pick up my medal.” Sometimes it can feel that way, right? The truth is – I do have a busy schedule. Every morning – I wake up, work on my latest writing project, try to squeeze in some treadmill time downstairs at the gym, and then it’s time to head off to work where I am usually IN a meeting, prepping for a meeting, or traveling for a meeting. During the weeks when I’m home, I try to stick to my routine – but I’ve found that the only way to truly keep my sanity is to embrace the chaos (and trust me, there is always chaos. “You mean I also have to BUY GROCERIES? When am I supposed to have time to do that??”) Some days are better than others. But I love being home. My happy place is cuddling up on the couch with my husband (and a glass of wine) and watching whatever-we’re-watching-on-Hulu-that-week. My other happy place is being outdoors – trying new places, doing new things, hiking, going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings, going to brunch (I LOVE BRUNCH) etc. I’m one of those girls who has a twenty-minute skincare routine. I love make-up, and clothes, and… plants, for some reason? That’s kind of a new thing. It should also be noted that my husband took the picture of me above and asked if I was wearing a pajama top, so… I can always count on him to keep me humble. (Also, no, it’s not a pajama top.)

“Why is it called ‘Jenn’s Fashion’ if it’s not a fashion blog?” <—- Because I started this in 2016 with no direction and chose a basic name because A) I assumed I would change later, and B) assumed no one will read it anyway. When I started this blog, I had planned to write posts about “clothes to wear in the summer” and “what to wear to the airport” and “what to wear to a bridal shower”…. seriously, I wrote down all of these ideas in a notebook, and one of them was “what to wear to a bridal shower” – I was once wrapped in toilet paper at a bridal shower (it was a game, I don’t know, I’m not really into “shower games”) – the point is, I wore it for the entirety of the shower. I wore toilet paper at a bridal shower. THAT person is going to write a post about what YOU should wear? Anyway, the blog quickly changed once I started telling stories about our lives. Once I met my husband. Once I moved to Chicago. Once my life changed, so did this blog. (But the name is the same. I was wrong – I never figured out how to change it.)

The Edits Shop is an Etsy shop where you can purchase my printable planners, calendars, and wedding checklists (plus a few other fun things, like a ‘marriage bucket list’ and a honeymoon planner)! To be released August 2019.

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