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Hi, I’m Jenn! An amateur photographer who loves to laugh, travel and story-tell. I started this blog in 2016 as a creative outlet that quickly turned into a “fashion blog” (hence the web address – www.jennsfashion.com). After writing only so many posts about “What to wear” and “What to buy” and “How to ‘shop your closet'”, not only was I running out of ideas, but the ideas that I had felt vain and boring. Did the Internet really need another post titled “What to wear on an airplane”? Doesn’t that already exist somewhere? What more can I add? Wear leggings and comfortable shoes – that’s what I wear when I fly. If you need someone to tell you what to wear – and be, like, pretty – that are zillions of fashion blogs that already exist on the Internet. I once wore wooden block heels in high school (because THAT’S what I thought was ‘hot’) and the nicest thing anyone said to me that day was, “Those are… interesting!”. Trust me, you do not want me handing out fashion advice. Unless you’re trying to look like a fashionable Laura Ingalls.


When I Googled “How To Start A Blog” back in 2016, the Internet told me that I needed a “niche”. Otherwise no one would ever want to read my blog because it would be “all over the place”. So I chose “fashion”, because it also doubled as an excuse to go shopping. I wrote posts about “How to Take Photos Like A Fashion Blogger”, “Vintage Fashion Debunked”, and “Decorating Our New Apartment”.¬†There was also one in there about Spanx – because who among us has not felt the fat-girl-shame when purchasing a pair of sucky-in-y underwear?


Traveling is one of my first loves. I studied abroad for a semester in Spain during my junior year of college, and have had the travel bug ever since. My boyfriend and I love taking road trips and exploring new places. On this blog, you’ll find travel tips, study abroad tips and stories from our adventures.


I’m not a professional photographer, I just like taking pictures and documenting our trips. I shoot with a Canon EOS M5 and edit all photos in Lightroom.






Don’t worry, it’s not really a fashion blog.¬†It started out that way though! Now this space is designed as a place to share pictures and memories from our adventures, and encourage others to find the joy in life’s simple moments.


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