Keeping Your Home Cozy This Fall.

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Many of the reasons why I love October are the same reasons why people don’t love October: It gets cold. It gets rainy. It gets dark earlier because we have this dumb thing called “daylight savings”. Last weekend it snowed. (I mean, not a lot or anything – it only lasted for a few minutes. Just long enough for me to look out the window while we were at breakfast and say, “Is that… snow? It’s snowing! Look, it’s snowing!” … So, for a few minutes there, it was snowing.)

But snow and cold and rain means that I get to break out my “cute winter clothes”. The scarves. The boots. The twenty-million jackets I have even-though-I-only-wear-three-of-them.

It’s the time of year when you can finally wear that winter beanie you bought with the giant, fuzzy ball dangling from it that made your boyfriend say, You’re seriously going to buy that? It looks like you have an animal on top of your head.”

Obviously I’m going to buy it. I’ve been searching for one for months.

It’s also the time of year when you can pull out your “Fall home decor”, according to all of the bloggers and the magazines and Pier One.  If you’re anything like me (AKA: you live in a 1,000 square foot apartment with your boyfriend and have limited space as it is), your Fall home decor may look strikingly similar to your “year-round/all-of-the-time” home decor. (We have zero storage. I mean, the storage that we do have is doubled as our Vaccuum-Swiffer-Shoe-Coat-Laundry closet. There’s not exactly room in there for seasonal throw pillows.)


IMG_5739 2
Cell phone photo (obviously) from our balcony // October 2017. (Also, that’s a white pumpkin. Not some weird growth from the other pumpkin. And yes, we did buy that corn stalk.)

“Why do you need a ‘tray in the bathroom’?” Kyle asked. We were in Target earlier today searching for some Halloween goodies for his nephew and I’d snuck off into the home decor section… and by ‘snuck off’, I mean I told Kyle- “I’m going to walk over to the home decor section. Just for a minute though – just for fun.

It’s always ‘just for fun’. Usually it’s only fun for me though. Kyle stands behind me asking why I need things and what I’m planning to do with them and then gives me a funny look like, “I can’t believe you’re spending $12 on a book-end that looks like a rock.” 

This time it was a tray. For the bathroom. Because after watching Fixer Upper and seeing Joanna Gaines put a decorative tray on a bathroom counter with little jars of Q-Tips and cotton balls – I decided that I needed to buy a decorative tray for our bathroom counter with little jars of Q-Tips and cotton balls.

To be fair, I already had the little jars of Q-Tips and cotton balls. I really just needed the tray.

“What are you going to do with that?” He asked. It’s weird living with someone and having to explain your ‘house’ purchases to them. Like there’s a reason for it other than, “I want our bathroom to look pretty.” and “Yes, I realize it’s a bathroom. But I still want it to look pretty.”

“I’ll just set it in the corner.” I said. “On the counter. With those jars I mentioned.”

“That’s going to take up counter space.”  He pointed out.

“But won’t it be cute?!” <— I ask this every time. Like men are so concerned about having a “cute” bathroom.

Kyle sighed. He wanted to roll his eyes, I could tell, but refrained because he knew that if he did, it would be a very quiet car ride home.

“What’s wrong with keeping the Q-Tips and cotton balls on the shelf, where they are now?” 

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Because this is cuter.” <— Not a solid argument.


I don’t want to talk about who won or lost that round (Me. I lost.), but he did bring up a valid point about the counter space.

Like I said – I don’t want to talk about it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 7.19.03 PM
What I imagine our bathroom would look like with a decorative tray on the counter. (It wouldn’t. But it’s still fun to imagine.)

With all of that being said – eeeeevery October I want to “decorate our apartment for Fall” <— Kyle doesn’t know what this means. “Do you want to buy a pumpkin?” He asks. “For the balcony?” 

We can’t store festive throw pillows and orange silk flowers. We don’t have the capacity. We’re honestly lucky we don’t have to share a closet. So instead we (I) have to make do with what we have. Below are my tips for “fall decor” when you don’t have any legit “fall decor”.

  • Think warm and fuzzy.
    • Fall is all about being cozy in your home. Bring out the blankets. Even if your throw pillows aren’t seasonal, they still add a sense of comfort to your space – and that’s what fall is all about.
  • Layer bedding.
    • Introduce “extras” to your bed for Fall and Winter months (after all, these are the coldest months of the year!) Add an extra throw at the foot of the bed, or bring in some additional pillows.
  • Switch out accessories.
    • You don’t need to buy a Welcome mat that says “Happy Halloween, Witches” – but swapping out your  (small) area rugs and towels with more muted tones can also be considered seasonal! Bonus – these are FUNCTIONAL things, so it’s not like you’re buying something you’ll need to store after Halloween.
  • Fall scented candles.
    • Pro Tip – Pier One usually offers candles 2 for $20!




4 thoughts on “Keeping Your Home Cozy This Fall.

  1. I love your tips, especially fall candles! I’ve been burning an Earl Grey candle nearly every day–just makes the room feel so much cozier. I hope to see your ideas for winter, as well! Followed you over on Instagram as well so I’m looking forward to some inspiration 😉 ~Linzi Loo

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