An Afternoon in Santa Barbara, CA.


I found a trendy, new thing that I wanted to try while we were in Santa Barbara. It was kind of like yoga… except it was goat yoga. Like, yoga – with goats.

“Doesn’t that sound like fun?” I asked.

“You’re not serious.” Kyle said. And fine – maybe I wasn’t being TOTALLY serious, but only because the class was being offered on Saturday and we had only planned to be in Santa Barbara through Thursday afternoon.




After it was established that we would not be participating in Goat Yoga, or any of the scary-water-activities that Kyle wanted to do (because it was too cold – literally no one was in the water, except for the sharks probably), we decided to go on a walk through downtown Santa Barbara.

Downtown Santa Barbara looks like the kind of place where people live who… well, I don’t know. It looks like paradise. That’s the only way to describe it. And I assume that the people who live there know that they’re living in paradise. I assume they just walk around saying things like, “What’s there to be upset about? We’re living in paradise!” <— we’ve tried to use that motto in Chicago, but it’s a little hard to call a place “paradise” when the air is so cold it hurts your face.

They don’t have air-that-hurts-your-face in Santa Barbara. They have palm trees, and hibiscus trees. And other kinds of trees that just grow flowers.



If you Google and/or Pinterest-search: “Things to do in Santa Barbara” – the first activity that pops up is “Go shopping”. Initially this concerned me because –

  1. Is there NOTHING else to do in Santa Barbara?
  2. How am I supposed to fit all of my purchases into my suitcase? I brought 4 pairs of shoes on this vacation – I am not exactly known for being a “light” packer.

There are other things to do in Santa Barbara. Definitely go shopping if you want to (and if you have room in your suitcase) – but if you DON’T want to, there are other things to do. Like eat, drink wine/mimosas, and hang out at the beach/pier all day. Which is essentially what we did.



Other points of note –

  • Some kid jumped off the pier. I mean, he was fine – I’m assuming, because after we heard the splash, we heard a group of a kids say/yell into their Snapchat/phones, “DUDE! HE JUST JUMPED OFF THE SANTA MONICA PIER” -…… oh wait, this didn’t happen in Santa Barbara. It happened when we were in Santa Monica. Never mind. I’m getting my Santas mixed up.
  • I bought a t-shirt at a gift shop, even after I said I wasn’t going to buy anything. And then rationalized it with “But it’s JUST a t-shirt. And I need a souvenir. This will TOTALLY fit in my suitcase… if I can maybe shove it inside of a shoe.”
  • We saw THIS giant bird. And everyone was trying to take selfies with it.IMG_1187 2

Have any of you been to Santa Barbara, California? What were some of your favorite things to do there?


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