Closet Tips | Transitioning to Fall.

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Kyle and I just got back from Los Angeles last week, where we played one of our new favorite games called “complaining about the weather”. Being from Chicago, we are used to things like – rain and snow and stay-inside-because-its-too-cold-to-go-outside temperatures. When Chicagoans complain about the weather, we are complaining because the air hurts our faces and our cars are stuck in a pile of snow somewhere.

When people in LA complain about the weather, they are complaining because it’s, like, kind of cold. And is it… raining? Is that rain? Oh, no. “Geez! What is with this weather?”

That’s what the bartender at our hotel asked us while we sat downstairs one night for a drink. “What is with this weather?” He asked, referencing the light drizzle outside.

Okay, so it was a little more than a light drizzle. It was raining. Maybe not “build an ark” rain – but full-on “it’s gross outside”, “get your umbrella” rain. There was also some lightening.

“But at least it isn’t snow!” <— That’s what people in the midwest say. Because people in the midwest are familiar with snow and all of the delightful, messy problems it can bring to the party. But you can’t say that when you’re in LA, because it literally never snows in LA. So if Los Angeles-ians want to talk about the weather, a rare rainy day is their golden opportunity. Unless they want to say, “Can you believe how sunny it is today?”, “I know. It is SO sunny.” 

By the time we got back to Chicago, the temperature had gradually dropped down into “October weather” while we were gone, so we came home to a brisk thirty-something degrees. Which was a fun jolt to the system after spending a week in perfect-degree-weather (minus that weird day when it rained. Seriously, what was going on with that weather?!)

I haven’t been able to get warm since. I’ve been living under blankets and chunky knit sweaters and feeling like I’m stepping into a freezer every time I go outside. I don’t know what it is. It’s not even that cold, it’s like fifty-something. If this were March – we’d call it a “spring day” and walk outside wearing shorts, trying to pretend we aren’t cold.

I’ll be posting my Fall Capsule Wardrobe soon (spoiler alert- it’s mostly sweaters and blankets pretending to be ‘scarves’). But before that, I figured I should finally stop putting off the inevitable – it’s time to go through my closet. AGAIN. I’ve been putting this off because I didn’t want to say goodbye to summer, and with every brisk day we had leading up to October I thought to myself, “But what if it gets warm again? I can’t put my summer things away YET!” 

It’s officially Fall. It’s not getting warm again. I don’t think it will ever get warm again. We live in an ice box now. It’s time to put the summer clothes away.

Closet Tips | Transitioning Your Style From Summer To Fall  

  • Layers.
  • This is an obvious one. They’re all obvious, but just stick with me here. Cardigans. Cardigans are fantastic. Because they mean you don’t need to get rid of your tank tops or short sleeves – all you need to do is pop a cardigan on over it.
  • Jackets. 
  • I love a good jacket. Technically I love a lot of good jackets because my closet has about fifty of them inside. Jackets are the shell of your outfit that everyone is going to see. Put on a nice, leather jacket over anything and you’ll instantly look chic and pulled together.
  • Add deeper colors. 
  • If you’ve noticed – and I’m sure that you have – the department stores like to roll out ‘festive’ colors once Fall rolls around. A lot of mustard yellows, maroons, purples – deep, rich colors. Maybe it’s the changing-of-the-leaves-theme but deep colors are a staple of Fall fashion. Add some to your wardrobe and you’ll appear to be “in style” even if you aren’t. (Which, of course, you are!)
  • Boots and Scarves. 
  • Two of my favorite things. Honestly. I LOVE wearing boots and scarves in the Fall/Winter time. Something about it makes me feel instantly more “fashion-y”. Being able to throw on a scarf, even though my hair’s a mess and I’m not wearing make-up? Add some sunglasses and stud earrings, and I feel like Kendall Jenner.
  • Leggings.
  • Who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings? Add a chunky, knit sweater -OR a cardigan and a scarf – and you’ve got yourself a comfy, cute outfit.
  • Add a blazer.
  • Get some extra mileage out of your favorite summer work dress by adding a blazer over the top. This way you’ll stay warm and still look professional.
  • Socks.
  • This is one of the less sexy things about Fall fashion. But seriously, don’t forget to start wearing socks again. It’s no longer sandal season.

Has anyone else transitioned into their Fall Wardrobe yet? Let me know what’s in your capsule wardrobe in the comment section!




One thought on “Closet Tips | Transitioning to Fall.

  1. I am one of those weird Californians who get thoroughly confused by rain, so no unfortunately we haven’t made our transition into fall clothes yet.

    But I am sooooo excited for when it comes.

    Good post.

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