Ponchos, Plaid & Pumpkin Spice.

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Alternative title: That Time in High School When I Wore a Poncho and Everyone Was Like: “Why Are You Wearing A Poncho?”  

It was a pink poncho. I should clarify that it was a regular, Fashion-y, “Fall wardrobe-y” type of poncho, and not one of these plastic rain-proof things that you’d wear at Niagara Falls. (I don’t know if that really needed to be clarified, but I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea. I wasn’t walking around school wearing a giant plastic bag all day.)

I went back-to-school shopping with my parents every year. And every year they’d make me buy a new pair of tennis shoes (or “gym shoes” as they called it, which also doubled as “everywhere-shoes”), and like, four pairs of jeans. And some sweaters. And if I tried buying anything that was a little too “out there”, my mom would usually speak up by asking, “Don’t you think that’s a little too… out there?” 

She did not say anything about the poncho. She could have. She had her chance. I’d picked up the poncho, I had it in my hand – and even at the time, I was still looking for validation. While part of me wanted to look like the model on the poster – wearing said poncho with a matching pink headband and frolicking through the desert – the other part of me was like… dude. It’s still a poncho.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.05.17 PM

“A poncho?” My mom asked. That was all she said. Just, “A poncho”. Not “are you sure you’ll wear that?” or “don’t you think that’s a little too… out there?” Nope. Not that day. That day all she said was, “A poncho”.

(In her defense, we’d probably had several arguments about my style choices that day. Clothes that were “too tight” or “low-cut” or God forbid something showed my stomach. My mom was probably thrilled to see that I’d essentially just picked up a giant blanket to willingly drape over myself and wear all day.)

The kids at school had more to say. I mean, not much more – the extent of it was, “You’re wearing… a poncho?” and “Why are you wearing a poncho?”. One kid said it looked like I was wearing a tent. Someone else said I looked like an old lady. (because I guess old ladies wear ponchos?) Overall – the majority of kids wondered if I was wearing it to try out for the school play. So. There’s that.

I see the fashion bloggers on Instagram wearing ponchos now and I can’t help but think of this story every time I see one. Granted, they look better than I did at fifteen wearing a giant blanket draped over me – but come on, who doesn’t want to wear a giant blanket all day? Especially in this weather!

What are some of the crazy “out there” things that you wore growing up, and would you still wear them today? Let’s hear your stories in the comments!







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