What to Pack: Beauty Essentials For Your Carry-on.


You know how grocery shopping has that cardinal rule about “never go shopping when you’re hungry”? God forbid you end up with an extra bag of potato chips.

Sephora should have the same rule. Never go shopping when you’re… feeling… shall we say, less than confident. Like, super-model-hot confident, particularly about your face. Because once you get in there…. well, that’s it. Suddenly everything you see becomes THAT THING YOU NEED to be mistaken for a dewy-glowy Victoria’s Secret model.

This concealer is $80, and claims to have “pore vanishing” powers? It also has the word “clinical” on it, so it must be legit. Everyone knows ‘clinical’ means ‘doctor’ – so buying this is kind of like having plastic surgery – for ONLY $80! That’s a bargain!

This stuff is called “Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder”… Airbrush powder! Like how they airbrush supermodels on magazines? So if I wear this, people will believe that I look like a supermodel in real life? Well, YEA, duh.

I’m not making fun of people who shop in Sephora like this. Because I genuinely shop in Sephora like this.

This foundation is called “Your skin, but better”. So, people will think it’s MY skin – just, better. Natural. Naturally flawless skin. This foundation is going to CHANGE MY LIFE… Face. It’s going to change my face. Yay!

I’m not saying I’m PROUD of it, I’m just saying… I am easily swayed by marketing.

This is what happened when I went into Sephora last week. It started off as a simple trip to pick up some mascara, and turned into a game of “Do I need this?”… “Do I NEED glowy sun kissed skin that’s going to make me look like a natural born bombshell? Uh, yea. Yea, obviously I do. It’s only $60.” 

So, that’s what happened. It started with the foundation – then I contemplated buying these things called “illuminating drops” for a solid ten minutes – and eventually found myself at the tiny-travel-size section. Baby shampoos and conditioners and hairsprays and dry shampoos — ALL NAME BRAND. “I can get a travel size Kerastase Volume Keratin Treatment for only $12? I’m flying to Minnesota next week! I need that!” 

Again – went in there for mascara. Couldn’t leave without a travel-size-keratin-treatement for over $10. Because, “Minnesota”.

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions.

I also found a “Travel Gift Set” of Urban Decay’s “All Day – All Night Travel Duo” and realized that I should have a setting spray for BOTH day AND night.. right? I’m not sure how my face will know the difference between daytime and nighttime, but Urban Decay made two different setting sprays, so they must do different things.

And a “Pore-perfecting moisturizer and cleanser duo”? Well, I obviously need that. They say flying can wreak havoc on your skin. I can’t show up to a business meeting looking havoc-ed. What would people think?

Convinced myself that I need all of these things. Fingers crossed that I turn into a supermodel…

I bought some other things too. The “whats” are not really important – all you need to know is that I suddenly became very aware of things like “pores” and “aging” and “dead, dry skin”. I’m sure I’ll be a delight when I finally turn 30.

The Ultimate List Carry-On Essentials:  (You can probably buy some of these at Sephora. Also, this is not sponsored by Sephora. I honestly just wanted to share my insecurities with you and Sephora just happened to play a supporting role.)

  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and whatever else you use in the shower. (You can buy a lot of this at drugstores and/or Target. If you’re like me and under the impression that you can’t scrape by with cheap shampoo for six days or your hair will fall out, you can find travel sizes of more brands at Sephora and Ulta.)
  • Travel sized dry shampoo
  • Rollerballs (They’re cheaper than a standard size bottle of perfume, AND you can take them on an airplane)
  • Lotion (Flying can dry out your skin. Especially if you’re going some place cold like Minnesota.)
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes (If you’re a germaphobe like me, you know how germ-y airports can be. Take both. You’ll be fine.)
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • A scarf (Female celebrities always wear scarves and oversized sunglasses at the airport. I get that they’re hiding from the paparazzi, but now it’s become a fashion staple.)
  • Headphones
  • Travel sized hairspray
  • Make-up
  • A sweater (Airplanes can get cold. It’s always nice to bring a sweater.)
  • Phone charger (This has saved me many times when my phone is dying in the airport.)
  • Gum
  • Headache medicine
  • A magazine or book
  • A downloaded podcast (Downloaded is the key here. Remember that your streaming services won’t work mid-flight.)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (in case your luggage gets lost, you want to be able to brush your teeth!)
  • Snacks (Don’t waste money on overpriced airport food.)

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you bring on flights in the comment section (and also if you can relate to my experience with Sephora!)


4 thoughts on “What to Pack: Beauty Essentials For Your Carry-on.

  1. Jennifer – laughing at the psychology layered with your shoooing. So spot on.
    And I have heard that keratin treatment is awesome so hope the travel one serves you well.
    The only thing to add is I always travel with a small pillow and blanket too – I have s thin blanket that is easy to tuck into a carry on and that with the pillow really makes flights awesome

    Liked by 1 person

      1. They come in handy at the hotels too – and the right blanket (I like an acrylic one – and for a while I had this awesome one – a thin Cotton-wool blend that was from An airline (came with first clsss for a long flight and someone gave it me ) but the wool part was too much – so this other blanket works better.
        Anyhow / good weekend to you

        Liked by 1 person

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