Spring Decorating Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space!


I think the part that no one prepares you for as a “style blogger” are the weird things that are going to come out of your mouth: “I really need to take more outfit pictures”, “Wait – wait, don’t eat yet, I need to get a picture”, “Do you think I should buy a white rug? For blog pictures? All of the other bloggers have white rugs.”

Remember when we only took pictures of, like, normal things? And it didn’t matter if you had a white rug?

Here’s the newest one that I’ve been walking around saying for two weeks: “I really need to buy an orchid.” 

Kyle: “Why an orchid?”

Me: “I don’t know, because it’s Spring-y. I want our apartment to feel more Spring-y.” 

There are several reasons why I “needed” to buy (totally did not “need” to buy) an orchid. Not any good reasons – but several not-so-good reasons.

One – I legitimately enjoy them. They add “a pop of color” (something else I say a lot more as a blogger). They remind me of Springtime, they’re pretty to look at, and they’re easy to take care of (the only plants I’m allowed to have are the ones that are hard to kill).

Reason number two? I wanted it for a blog post.

This blog post, to be specific.

I knoooow. How silly is that? I don’t make any money from this blog. I don’t know if I even have readers anymore – does anyone still read this blog? Are you reading it? Hi. I’m Jenn. I post like, once every two months – whenever the mood strikes me. And I got this bright idea last week to write all about “Spring decorating ideas!” and “How to decorate your home for Spring!” Yaaaaay Spring! 

It’s this warm weather. It’s really got me on the Spring fever train. Can you tell?


Tip #1: Buy an orchid (apparently). 
Any plant, really. It doesn’t need to be an orchid, as long as it adds a nice pop of color (See? There I go again, being a blogger).

Tip #2: Springtime Candles
I don’t know what technically classifies as a “springtime scent”, but if you walk into Bath & Body Works, they probably will. That’s how I ended up with a $14 candle that apparently smells like “Cactus Blossom”. I don’t know if it’s supposed to smell like a cactus? But it smells pretty, which is why I bought it and convinced myself that it “smells like Spring”. (Some more traditional springtime scents are probably, like, “rain” and “fresh cut flowers” and, you know, normal things.)

Tip #3: Fresh fruit
Is fruit really a “decoration”? I don’t know. But it adds a pop of color.

Tip #4: Add some green
I can’t stop buying plants. Like, I CAN’T STOP buying plants. It’s starting to look like we live in a greenhouse. We have a plant in the bathroom, plants in the kitchen, a plant on every bookcase (seriously – our living room has THREE bookcases and there is a plant on every single one). It’s as if I’m trying to pretend that we live outside.

I blame Pinterest. In every single picture I see of a “light and airy” looking apartment, there is a plant. There is ALWAYS a plant. And when I jumped on the “minimalism” bandwagon (which is not going well, by the way. You can tell by the way that I bought a plant just to take a picture of it)- I was determined to make our apartment look “light and airy”… but really, all I did, was bring in more plants.

Tip #5: Bright colors
Flowers (real or fake. Fake ones last longer, but real ones are more fun to buy.) Throw pillows. Throw blankets. Basically anything that isn’t a traditionally neutral color that you can put in your home. I chose candles and flowers to add my “pops of color” because they’re easy to switch out as the seasons change. (Throw pillows are too, but I don’t have anywhere to store mine and – well, I kind of like the ones I have.)

Tip #6: Get rid of clutter and keep the place clean 
I don’t know if this really a “decorating tip”, but there’s something about a fresh, clean place without clutter that makes it feel bright and airy. Like you can take a big, deep breath and not have to worry about… I don’t know, it just makes me want to take a big, deep breath.

Or maybe that’s just all the plants sitting around. Giving off their oxygen. Who knows.





What have you done to get your home ready for Spring? Let’s hear it in the comment section below!



14 thoughts on “Spring Decorating Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space!

  1. Your apartment is pretty, and ironically it doesn’t look like “every design blogger’s” apartment ever. Even if orchids are trendy right now. It seems more unique even if I can sense some pinterest elements. I know, it lacks over-exposure of light and looks realistic. XD

    I’ve been Springy by walking on meadowy roads; no plants inside right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely shots! The space looks very tranquil and up-springed 🙂 And yes, I actually was reading this post, so don’t give up 😉
    I know how easy it is to get inspired/affected by all the beautiful blogs out there and get the only wish – to do the same. But someone has to be doing things his own way, no? 🙂

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  3. We’re moving to a new home in a couple weeks so I’m excited to implement some of these tips as we get settled. Things like orchids, fruit, and candles are a nice way to make rooms feel like home right away…and then we can add some bigger style updates once we’re more settled. 🙂

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  4. There’s nothing wrong with following trends if you really like them! They become trends for a reason – because they’re nice/pretty/fun/funny/whatever. I DESPERATELY want a round rattan cross-body bag. I feel like EVERY fashion blogger has or has shown pictures of a round rattan cross-body bag at some point since last summer. But to NOT have something I think is adorable and versatile and SO appropriate to summer just BECAUSE other bloggers have it, is ridiculous. So just make up your own mind about what you genuinely like, and have it!


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