The Best of 2017.

I hesitated doing this. And I don’t mean that in a cheeky, “I’m just saying that because….”… I don’t even know why. Why would I “just be saying” that?

Everyone is doing one of these “best of 2017” posts – wrapping up all of their favorite memories, and all of their most popular posts from the year. And while a part of me saw this opportunity as, “Oh! This is what all of the other bloggers are doing – therefore, I should do that too” (I knooooow. Even as an adult, I’m still trying to do what all of the popular kids are doing.) Another part of me saw this “best of 2017” post as… uh, I don’t know. Kind of… a little…. like, agh …. Annoying(?)

No, I don’t mean “annoying”. I just mean…

Like – okay, there are three versions of this wrap-it-up kind of post, right? One – it’s a “look where I traveled!” list. Two – it’s a “Here’s a bunch of links to my BEST posts of the year!!” post. Or three – it’s a “Here’s all of the lessons I learned in 2017 #growth” list-post-thing.

Also, there are usually lots of pictures. No matter which one of the three it is.

IMG_5046 2

I enjoy reading them. Honestly. I don’t know why, or what it is, but there’s something about reading any of the three that makes me feel like I was on this journey with them. This “wrappin’ it up”, “hits of 2017”, “remember when I went to Greece and wrote a post about it?” – “Oh my gosh! I totally DO remember that! THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT TIME!!” journey.

For some reason, nearly all of the bloggers that I follow went to Greece this year. So, good for Greece.

It’s not that these posts are “annoying” – I enjoy reading them. They make me hopeful for the new year and the person that I’m striving to become (because for some reason – even as an adult – the idea of a “new year – new you” gets me every time).

But – ME? ME writing one? (Is that even proper grammar? “Me” writing one? When I read it back in my head, it sounds a little cave man-ish. But I’m also writing this on a glass of wine, so. What do I know?)

What am I supposed to write about? For some reason this blog doesn’t seem “big” enough to warrant one of these posts. I don’t know why I think 2017 nostalgia posts are only reserved for the “big time bloggers”. It seems like they’re the ones with the following who have the readers who will say things like, “Oh my gosh! Remember that time you went to Greece?! I was there!! I mean – I wasn’t ‘there’-there, but I READ ABOUT IT ON YOUR BLOG! THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT TIME!!” 

I went to Phoenix in October. And I *meant* to have a blog post up about it by the end of the year – I REALLY DID – but… it just didn’t work out that way, guys. I’m trying. I’m hoping that by our *next *trip, I’ll have written travel diaries for: Phoenix, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Texas, and Ohio.

IMG_6698 2IMG_5952 2IMG_5710 2IMG_6182 2IMG_6051IMG_6301

I travel a lot. I mean, I didn’t go to Greece. But, I went to Vegas- that’s kind of the same thing, right? I spent most of my time there eating, and trying to convince Kyle to go to the Britney Spears show. You can read all about it here. (I’m linking it because it’s the only travel diary I finished this year.)

In the meantime – while I wasn’t writing this year – I moved into a new apartment, and… moved out of my old one? Honestly – the rest of my non-blog-time was spent traveling. Half of it was work-travel, and the other half was my boyfriend and I saying “let’s go on a road trip!” type-of-travel.

We took a lot of road trips this year. I would link the posts to those trips here, but… I haven’t written them yet. I swear I will.

I wrote a lot of other posts this year. This was the year my little so-called fashion blog began to… blossom? Is that corny? Thrive? It began to thrive. It developed a personality. It’s more than just a pretty face.

I mean, kind of. At least it’s more than just “jennsfashion.wordpress.com”. Now it is JENNSFASHION.COM. Because I bought a domain. Like a real blogger. And started attaching REAL pictures – not just ones I found on Google. I no longer feel like a teenager with a Xanga page.

The version of myself who started this page two years ago with nothing but a dream and thirty Instagram followers would be so proud.


I started writing about my experiences becoming a “fashion blogger” – if you can call me that. You shouldn’t. I’m totally winging it. I don’t know what I’m doing. You can read all about THAT in my “How to be a fashion blogger” post, “How to Instagram like a fashion blogger” post, and “How to take photos like a fashion blogger” post.

Guys. I’m trying REALLY hard to be a fashion blogger. Can you tell? Is it working?

I’ve also written a couple of posts this year all about “Fall fashion trends that you probably already have in your closet” and “How to many ANY outfit look good” (that one actually wasn’t so popular – but I’m linking, it because >I< liked it, and this is my blog. So, there.)


If you’re here for some “2017 wisdom”, “life lessons” or “New Years resolutions” — I can tell you that I’m not Yoda. This year was a whirlwind. A growing pain. An adventure. One that I look back on with happiness, nostalgia, and… sort of the same way I look back on Junior High. I’m glad it happened – but who really wants to go back?

There will be plenty of exciting things happening in 2018, and I can’t wait to write about all of them (while also catching up on some of the exciting things that happened in 2017 – like hiking the Grand Canyon). But for now, let’s take a break – enjoy the last few moments of 2017, and spend this time with people we love. (While also trying to stay warm. It’s, like, -2 in Chicago – so we’ll be staying in tonight and celebrating New Years Eve with pizza and wine. The way that it should be spent.)



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