The “What’s in my bag” post.

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THIS bag actually came from Target!

My first bag came from Aeropostale. And I didn’t call it a “bag”, I called it a purse. Because I was ten, and believed everything my mom told me – bags are used to carry groceries, purses are used to carry all of your little trinkets and treasures that you can’t leave home without.

I mean, she didn’t put it EXACTLY like that. My mom wouldn’t call her used Kleenex and traveling pill case a “treasure” per say, but you know what I mean. It’s a purse. She kept her wallet and her tissues and her breath mints and her receipts and her tiny, little traveling pharmacy of Advil and allergy pills in a “purse”.

So – my first PURSE came from Aeropostale. It was – hands down – the smallest purse I’ve ever owned. It may have actually been the smallest purse, ever. To exist. This would have been around the year 2001 when “the small purse trend” was in… I think? I don’t know, I was ten. Maybe it was just “in” for ten year olds, because ten years old didn’t have a bunch of stuff to lug around in 2001. All I needed was a place to keep my twelve dollars in cash and… like, that’s it. What else do you need when you’re ten? A pager?

It’s not like I had keys to worry about, because I was always with an adult who had to carry around the keys. I didn’t need a cell phone, because I was ten and it was 2001. I am now part of the generation that sees a ten year old with an iPhone 8 and says, “Well back in MY day, we didn’t have cell phones when we were ten” – as if we grew up Little House on the Prairie style and were all forced to churn our own butter and read by candlelight. We might as well have grown up on the Oregon Trail (which most of us did, as a computer game).

I don’t know why I remember this purse. Maybe because I carried it around for so long. In hindsight, it looked like a children’s purse (which is fine, because I was a child – even though I thought I was a lady. A little ten year old lady). It was tan colored with an embroidered butterfly in the center and a skinny brown strap that was – PROBABLY? – supposed to go over your shoulder? I mean, I don’t know. This tiny, little “purse” went over my shoulder and was so small it basically just hung out right there under my armpit. So it was basically a wristlet that wasn’t a wristlet. It was an armpit-let.

But up until that moment, I had always thought to myself, “Why would anyone carry a PURSE? That’s so dumb. Then you have to CARRY IT AROUND. Why don’t women just carry their money in their pockets like men do? What is so hard about that?”ย 

Because then we don’t have any place to keep our trinkets and our treasures and our used Kleenex, Little Jenn. That’s why.

Fashion bloggers always do a post about “What’s in my bag” – and it is usually called “What’s in my bag”. Like we’re expecting them to say they’ve been carrying around a sword in there.

I don’t know what the fascination is with these posts, but I fall for it every time. When my favorite beauty blogger does a “What’s in my bag” post, I read it. And I mean, I read it with the expectation that they’re going to say something other than “my phone”, “my keys”, maybe some some headache medicine? I instantly assume – before even reading it – that there will be SOMETHING in there that is going to change my life. Something that’s going to make me say, “That’s such a good idea! Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Lea Michele did a “What’s in my bag” interview with Seventeen magazine years ago on their YouTube channel, and I watched it three times. I started carrying around a miniature planner because she said that she carried one. And, for some reason, I genuinely assumed that this was going to change my life and make me feel SUPER organized and professional.

I am (fairly) organized and professional – but I don’t know where that planner is now. I can tell you that it’s blank though, because I never used it. I just bought it because Lea Michele said that she used one, and she carried it around in her purse. And I wanted to be like Lea Michele, because she’s adorable.

My “whats in my bag” post is slightly different. To be honest, I don’t know what’s in my bag right now. I’m usually sifting through old receipts and gum wrappers to get to my wallet, and saying things like “Hang on, I know I have hand sanitizer in here SOMEwhere…”ย 

My purse is a Michael Kors black leather satchel bag that I paid $150 for at TJ Maxx. I carry it around because it matches almost all of my outfits (because I always wear black), but I basically use it as a very expensive traveling trash bag. A receipt bag. A place that holds my wallet so that I can carry it on my arm and not in my hand. A thing that allows me to say, “Hang on, let me shove that in my purse” – because, whatever it is, I just don’t want to carry it around. A pair of flats when I’m wearing heels? A flyer that someone handed me that I don’t really want but don’t want to be rude and throw away in front of them? It’s fine. I’ll just shove it in my purse.

A few other things that are ALWAYS in my purse (amongst the receipts):

  • My wallet. (because, duh.)
  • My cell phone. (Like, how annoying would it be to NOT carry a purse? I’d have to carry TWO things all of the time? No, let me just shove that in my purse.)
  • My keys. (They’re on a lanyard. So I can’t lose them in my purse. You know, amongst the mess)
  • Hand sanitizer. (I can’t eat in a restaurant without it. It’s the first thing I do when the server takes away the menus. I’m a germaphobe. Yet I travel around with receipts from six months ago.)
  • Advil. (You never know.)
  • Tampons. (It’s good to be prepared.)
  • A pen. (If you’re a woman – you understand the struggle when someone looks at you and your giant purse and finds it hard to believe that you wouldn’t have a pen in there.)
  • A phone charger. (At least I think there’s a phone charger in there. There was at one time. But I might have used it when I lost the one in my car.)
  • Gum. (Sometimes. And sometimes it’s just an empty gum box of gum wrappers and me saying, “I have gum!…. oh, wait, no I don’t. Sorry, never mind. I guess not.”)
  • A planner. (HAH! I’m totally kidding.)

Oh, purses. What would we do without them? What do you have in YOUR bag? Let’s hear it in the comment section! In the meantime, I’ll be over here … cleaning out my purse…



  1. Woah, you fit a LOT into a small bag!
    I always know I’m gonna have a rough(but fashionable) day when I use one of my bags that size(I don’t have any the size you had when you were 10, lol) because I can’t put leftovers, a water bottle, cutlery(zero waste can be rough sometimes, lol) and god forbid I don’t have my camera with me! xD
    I’m just a pack mule- yesterday I had my boston bag with the usual organizer and essentials, my work lunch AND my gym clothes! I was prepped for anything. xD

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I am so bad that I never actually clean the Kleenex and receipts out of my purse. I take the wallet, phone, keys, planner I never write in but feel like I need and mini bag of lipsticks/glosses out of one purse and transfer to another. Then I put the first purse back in the closet. I have enough purses to keep this cycle going for a while. So, I only have to clean them out, maybe once a year. Or just buy a new purse!

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