Fall fashion trends (that you probably already have in your closet!)

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I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said, “Do not fall in love with a man who doesn’t make you feel like the most awesome, incredible, baddest bitch on the block.”… those of course weren’t his exact words, but the sentiment was the same. You know what else can make you feel that way? A leather jacket.

Seriously. I can be wearing sweatpants, and still feel like a stylish badass biker babe if I’ve got a leather jacket on. (I have never been on a bike – and by “bike”, I  of course mean motorcycle – so I don’t know what that really feels like, but this is the only way I can know how to describe it.) It’s like magic. While sweatpants in public say, “I can’t get my life together”, a leather jacket says, “This is OBVIOUSLY a style choice. And if you don’t get it, then you’re not as cool as I am.” 

I mean, don’t go out there wearing a leather jacket and sweatpants, you’ll look ridiculous. I’m just saying. If you want to feel like a badass, buy a leather jacket. I have five. Because I feel the frequent urge to badass it up in my everyday life.

The problem is that I can’t wear ANY of them while it’s still 85 degrees outside. I’ve considered it – because, in my mind September = Fall, and Fall = Leather jacket time – but I’d rather not sweat off all my make-up and die of heatstroke. It sounds like a terrible way to go.

But it’s almost OCTOBER. I mean, come on. While everyone else is hanging on to these last few *surprise* weeks of summer, I can’t wait to bundle up in scarves and the three new pairs of boots that I just bought. (Pro tip: if you really want to feel like a badass, put on a pair of boots with a leather jacket. Something about it makes me feel like I could really kick some bad guy booty. I mean, it would probably actually be harder – since I wouldn’t be able to run as fast in the boots, and the jacket would give me less range of motion – but you know what I mean.)

This is when I get excited for Fall. It’s not the Pumpkin Spice whatever’s, or the football games every weekend, or the bonfires, or Halloween – it’s the clothes. Honestly. When I see the mannequins in Macy’s wearing scarves and plaid shirts and fuzzy sweaters and cardigans, it makes me feel relieved. My wardrobe options are about to triple. Everything’s going to be okay. My fashion identity is really coming together.

Department stores and fashion designers will try to trick you into believing they’re designing these hot new things. You have to keep up with the trends. You have to buy the sweaters with the holes cut out of the shoulders (I have yet to purchase one of these). You have to buy the sweaters with only ONE shoulder. (No thanks, I have yet to find some place where I could actually wear this.) You have to buy the hot new color for FALL. (The hot new color is purple. It’s the same every year. I read this once in a magazine years ago – “PURPLE is THE color for Fall this year!”and legitimately believed that I needed to buy a bunch of purple things. Ya know, so that people would think I was “in”. It took me a few years to realize this is the same every year. They probably use the same article every year. Purple is just a Fall color.)

The majority of Fall fashion is the same every year. The basics don’t change much. And heavy duty clothes like sweaters and jeans usually hold up longer than those light-weight t-shirts you bought at the beginning of summer. So when you’re putting together your Fall outfits in a few weeks, remember the basics and you shouldn’t need to run out and go shopping:

  • Cardigans and leggings.
    • This is a combination that I continually try to pull off every year, but for some reason, I end up looking like I haven’t tried at all – if ya know what I mean. For a girl with such long legs, I am not a leggings kind of girl. They look weird on me. Jeans always make me look and feel more put together. BUT LEGGINGS ARE SO COMFY! Which is why I have twenty-thousand cardigans hanging in my closet, because I’ve bought them every year around this time saying, “I’m going to wear this with leggings, and it’s going to be SO CUTE” – but it never looks the same on as it does in my head. Regardless, this is still a cute outfit on everyone else – it seems – and I can still wear the leggings to lounge around in. And cardigans still go well with skinny jeans and a long tank.
  • Leather jacket.
    • What did I JUST get done saying? I own five. In three different colors. Two in black, one in grey, and two in brown/tan. None of them were expensive. The most I paid was $50 at Nordstrom Rack.


  • Skinny jeans.
    • I tried to put on a pair of flared jeans yesterday and immediately took them off. “Why do these look so weird?”, I thought. “I used to wear these all the time.” Maybe the styles are changing, but skinny jeans will never go out of style.
  • Scarves.
    • I actually just got rid of a bunch of scarves. I used to have an entire laundry basket full, but I was only wearing the same three over and over again, so I got rid of the crazy colorful ones I used to wear. Scarves are great if you’re wearing a dark outfit and need a pop, or they can also be added as a great neutral.
  • Big sweaters.
    • I like to think of “big sweaters” as the fashion-y, adult version of hoodies. They’re comfy and cozy, but they also look stylish.
  • Boots.
    • It’s fall. Enough said.
  • Plaid.
    • I could say “flannel”, but honestly, the majority of plaid shirts that I own are not flannels. They’re just designed to look like flannels without being hot. Regardless, this is a Fall staple. When my boyfriend and I went on our third date last year, he suggested Apple Picking, because he’s adorable – and since I’m ME, I responded with “Yes! I have the perfect outfit!”…. and now we live together. So, he’s a keeper.

Most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable in. Just because a color might be “in”, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. I bought a golden-y yellow sweater last year just because it was “golden-y yellow” and Fall-like, and I never wear it. I hate it. It doesn’t go with my skin tone and makes me feel fat. But, you know, it’s FALL – so I just HAD TO HAVE IT.

The best way to have style is wear what makes you comfortable, and what YOU like, not what the magazines or the mannequins are telling you to wear.

Do you have any tips for Fall fashion? Leave a comment below!



10 thoughts on “Fall fashion trends (that you probably already have in your closet!)

  1. Amen to it being too hot to wear a leather jacket. I thought September was when we were suppose to bust out our boots and ponchos? Nope. Lord, you are just saying everything I think. What is the point of a sweater if it is going to have your shoulders completely out? I’m ready for that trend to pass. Give me all the skinny jeans and embroidery right now though. Great post. I just stumbled across your blog and it is AMAZING. I’m a big fan already.

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  2. Love your honesty, thank you. A refreshing read. To help with the bag fashion for fall/Autumn (forgive my Brit lingo) I’ve got a few posts on bags for the coat trends (it’s a wrap), 6 boot trends (bootie call) and the tie in at the waist (belt up). Pop by at bagwhispers.com for the lowdown. x

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  3. I agree that you don’t have to follow all of the trends. I usually pick two or three that I like. I love color too! It is always great to have a nice leather jacket to top off a fall outfit. I love those little black booties you got too. So cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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