How to be a fashion blogger.

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I don’t know how to ask someone to take a picture of me “for my blog” without sounding like a… like a… what’s the mom-approved-PG word for douchebag? Because that’s what I sound like. A pretentious douchebag. It’s hard for me to take myself seriously when I’m saying, “Hey will you take a bloggy picture of me in front of this fountain?“… which is usually followed by, “What should I be doing? Should I, like, look off into the distance? Or, look over my shoulder? Should I smile? Is that weird? Smiling is weird, right?” (Sure. Smiling in a picture? Totes weird. Only serial killers and ax murderers do that.)and then, rarely is this magical moment complete without, “Is it cute? Will you take another one? What should I do with my hands?” 

I never know what to do with my hands. And I alwaaaays ask if it’s cute. Like the person behind the camera is ever going to tell me:  “I don’t know, Jenn. You’re twenty-seven years old and still pretending to be a model. Is THAT cute?”

It’s not cute. In fact, the whole thing usually feels so awkward that I fidget for about five seconds in front of whatever fountain/brick wall/lake front/rooftop view I’m standing in front of and then ask, “Did you get it? Is it cute?” 

Like I’m Beyonce or something. IS IT CUTE? Sure. Like my personal paparazzi fan club was just begging to take a candid picture of me. “UGH. DID YOU GET IT? ARE WE DONE HERE?” 

I started a fashion blog because… well, honestly, I don’t know why. I liked the idea of having a blog – because I’ve always liked writing – but you can’t just have “a blog” these days. You’ve got to have some kind of niche. Something that makes your blog special (i.e.: searchable). And fashion and clothes seemed to hit closer to home for me than cooking, fitness, motherhood, food, interior design, finance, DIY, agriculture, dating, cleaning? There are blogs about cleaning? I don’t know. Talking about my outfits sounds like way more fun than talking about how I clean my kitchen, don’t ya think?

The problem was that I didn’t have anyone to take daily pictures of my outfits. Also, I didn’t have enough outfits to dress cute every single day. ALSO – where are you guys wearing all of these dresses to? The Met Gala? Why are you posting a picture wearing high heels and telling us it’s your “casual look” and that you’re “going to the grocery store”? Do you know what I look like when I go to the grocery store?

Well. Let’s just say the last time I wore high heels in a grocery store, it was 1 o’clock in the morning and my boyfriend and I were coming back from a party and decided we wanted a frozen pizza. That was our only grocery item that evening. One frozen pizza. Obviously not a proud blog-worthy photo moment.

But I have a lot of respect for fashion bloggers. Too much, in fact, to pretend that I am one. When someone asks me what kind of blog I have, I usually spend a few seconds stuttering around and then say, “It’s kind of a fashion blog. But not really. Because I don’t know anything about fashion.” And then they usually ask, “So what do you write about?” Good question. The other day I wrote a post about wearing a leopard print bra to a job interview. I have also written about wearing Spanx in an airport, and wooden high heels to my Algebra class in high school. So. That’s what I write about. Fashion. But not really.

It’s hard for me write posts about “The perfect bag for summer!” (I don’t know what the perfect bag is. I mean, I like MY bag – but I feel that it is a bag for all seasons, not just summer.) or “How to style a jumpsuit for the office!” (Expect to completely undress when you go to the bathroom.) and let’s not forget the “Beauty/Fashion Haul!” posts.

I buy the same things over and over again. There’s no reason for me to take pictures of it and write about all of the things that I bought. That sounds so boring. I’d rather write about that time I bleached my hair. Trust me – it’s WAY funnier.

How do you guys feel about fashion blogs? For those who have them – any tricks to the photos? Does the awkward feeling go away? I want to hear your feedback in the comment section!


138 thoughts on “How to be a fashion blogger.

  1. I’m the luckiest girl alive that my boyfriend will take photos of me for my blog. I feel like the worlds biggest pain in the ass but I tell him what kind of “look” I’m going for with the photo and then awkward shuffle around saying “tell me what looks cute” “pose me” like he’s some sort of professional portrait photographer 😂This blog post made my day! I relate to it wayyyy too much!!

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  2. This post is so good i honestly loved reading it!! Then i saw how many followers you have and i was just like wow. My dream is literally to become as big as you one day, i know I’ve only just stared but honestly you’re an inspiration to me, thankyou x

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  3. Be yourself (not saying that you arent). Maybe your blog is about everyday fashion. Maybe it’s about your idea of fashion. There is no cookie cutter ideal when it comes to fashion. It’s like art, it’s an interpretation. Also, I wear heels to the grocery store sometimes. Not because I’m going to blog, but because I love feeling beautiful and sometimes heels do the trick, sometimes leggings and flats do the trick. 😉


  4. Omg!! Love this 😂 I feel exactly the same, asking my boyfriend to take pics of me everywhere we go but I never know how to stand! I dunno how some of these girls do it, they always look flawless an I’m like 🤷🏼‍♀️ good luck!! Xx

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  5. I love how honest this post!! I feel like so many bloggers, especially those just beginning feel the same way. The key is confidence or just not caring at all how fancy the pose is – which clearly you’ve mastered. Love it!

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  6. lmao!!!! omg this post right here is literally the best!!!!! I seriously feel the same way. I have my mom usually take all my pictures which come out nice but yes the whole “can you take a pic thing?” is totally what I go through.

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  7. I personlly enjoy fashion blogs, and I want my personal blog to have some of my own fashion. This might be able show who I am, by expressing myself through fashion, and thats also just a part of the reason why I love reading other fashion blogs!

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  8. I loveeeeee your blog!!! Honey you are doing the right thing being you…. I enjoyed every minute reading😘 made me smile—so to me your a blogger and funny at that.❤️😘 good luck honey😘

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  9. It’s funny because just started my Fashion blog on here and I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of it. I’m use to posting on my social media looks I create. After reading this I’ve learned a few more things thank you.

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  10. I feel the same! These are all the thoughts that are going through my mind right now as I’ve just started my first blog (about fashion) and I’m like…ahhh now what!? Haha.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s thinking this!

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  11. I just found your blog and love it already! I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I just started a blog covering fashion and lifestyle. And I mean, like, JUST started the blog. I’ve finished my About page, and that’s about it! But I am excited! How do you come up with enough cute outfits? I think the key is to just be yourself. Write about your life, loves, passions, and pepper the blog with fashion as you go. Tell about your trip to the pumpkin patch, and give deets on what you wore there. Not sure if that’s the way to go, but that’s my plan!

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  12. I love this! I just started my blog, and have mad respect for bloggers now! Writing is fun, but the photo part is so difficult! My husband bears with me, and I bought a tripod (which usually takes me about 150 photos to get 1). Keep up the honesty, and just be you. Much more relatable than most of these fashion blogs….you should see what I wear to the grocery store!

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  13. I’m “the husband” behind the camera and can totally relate to the “pose me” comments. Like I know how to pose anything 🤔🤔🤔 lol
    “Pose me” has been the source if many fights and some outrageous laughter!!! 😂😂😂But…… onward we go in pursuit of the next “Perfect pic”
    One tip I’ve learned for the guys, feed her before you try to “shoot” her, don’t need those low blood sugar moments!!!!

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  14. haha literally “where are you guys wearing these dresses to?” i feel like half the insta famous / fashion bloggers are getting ready for homecoming. or they’re bringing back the awful 90’s trends of jean skirts and chokers (can we not though?) great read!

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  15. OMG I can totally relate! I have lost friends due to this. Like my job is in social media and I am vividly interested in maintaining a public persona but some people just don’t care. SO much so they begin to develop some sort of prejudice from it. I realized i needed more friends who are also influencers in my life. It just is so unnormal, you have to find that BFF that is “GURL Do that again your hair was parted wrong. Also ,suck it in, and butt out. *SNAP* PERFECT!”

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  16. I can totally relate! This was great. I feel so pretentious posting about my blogs on social media and asking people to take pictures of me, but I really do want to do it to help other people, so oh well if people think I’m pretentious.

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  17. I think if it makes you happy DO IT. Who cares what people think. Not everyone has the patience to take pics, write and post so what do they know. Keep doing your thing gurl💕😊 check out my page if you have a chance 👀

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