When you wear the same pair of pants for everything.

It’s time that I confess something: I am a hoarder. 

Well, okay, I am a pants hoarder. A jeans hoarder, to be more specific. It’s gotten to the point where I have to squish everything down just to get the dresser drawer closed.

I’m like The Little Mermaid with her thing-a-ma-bobs in the cavern. I’ve got skinny jeans, flair jeans, jeans that are too short, jeans that I can only wear with heels, jeans that I can only wear with boots (trust me, there’s a difference), jeans that I can’t button but also can’t get rid of because “I’m going to wear these again! This is like, motivation!”

And then the other two. The two that I wear on rotation every day.

That’s right, folks – I have ten pairs of pants, yet I wear the same two over and over again. Because I’m insane. And also because they’re the right length, the right size, and they don’t make my butt look weird. But I can’t get rid of the others, because then I’d only have two pairs of pants. AND SOMEDAY I MIGHT WEAR THEM.

Hoarders is going to show up on my door step one day, just you wait. “We hear you have a lot of pants,” they’ll say. “We’re here to help.” And I’ll say things like, “No! You can’t get rid of THOSE – I’ll wear them again, I promise! I just need to lose fifteen pounds and start doing squats!” It’s going to be a great episode.

Wearing the same jeans on rotation every day can make you become pretty creative with your outfits. I’m way too lazy (read: poor) to have jeans designated for certain life activities (also, who is really going to know the difference?) – so my jeans have to be able to go from day to night. The jeans that I wear to work on casual Friday are the same jeans that I wear to the grocery store, to dinner, to the club, to dance around my living room – they’re the jeans that I live in.

The trick is to turn your jeans into an outfit. That means, it’s not about the jeans. It’s about the “look”. Here are a few tricks that I use:

  • It’s all about the shirt. Would you wear a crop top to the office? Probably not, unless you work at a strip club. But you can wear a camisole with a cardigan to the office, and then switch into the crop top later that night. Did you ever change your pants in that scenario? No. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • It’s also all about the shoes. I wear flats to the office, because it seems easier. But once I slap on a pair of heels with my skinny jeans, my look is transformed into a sassy nighttime #ootd.
  • Statement necklaces. I don’t know what it is about giant statement necklaces, but they can change the look and tone of your entire outfit. If you want to look fashion-y, but you don’t really know what you’re doing, buy a statement necklace. It’s like Joan Rivers just became your guardian angel.

These are some of my tricks. What are some things that you guys do to transform your look from day to night? Let me know in the comments below!

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