My Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

I live in fear of wearing white jeans. There isn’t a story or a cautionary tale to back it up – it is what it is; I’m afraid of wearing white jeans. “What if I spill something on them?”, “What if they make me look fat?”, “What if you can see my underwear through them?”, “What if I sit on something?”, “What if I sit IN something?”

“Those would look FANTASTIC on you!” The sales girl said to me. I was holding up a pair of white jeans in the middle of a store called Evereve. A store that I’d never been in before, but was quickly starting to realize that it was at a slightly higher price point than at the Old Navy next door. I mean, really, why am I looking at a $150 pair of pants?

“Do you have any white denim yet for this year?” She asked me.

Here’s the thing about “white denim”. It’s a staple piece. If you can rock white jeans in the spring and summertime – or better yet, ALL WHITE – you’re bound to pull off those chic, crisp, “maybe I hang out in the Hamptons” kind of vibes. You know?

I would love to give off “maybe I hang out in the Hamptons” kind of vibes.

Actually, I would really just love to hang out in the Hamptons. But at the very least, I could settle for some white denim.

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How to Shop Your Own Closet.

I was inspired to write this post because I *didn’t* buy a jacket. 

Back story – I have fifteen thousand jackets at home. Probably. I haven’t counted, but I know that when I open up our “coat closet” (also doubles as our laundry/shoe/vacuum/Swiffer closet) most of the coats that I see in there are mine. Maybe three of them are Kyle’s. And one of those I bought for him. 

This post could have just as easily been titled “Confessions of a Shopaholic” or “How to be a Crazy Coat Lady” – but honestly, that’s a little embarrassing and – based solely on my experience today – I am clearly turning a corner outside of my consumerism mindset. 

Exhibit A: I did not buy a jacket. I *almost* did. But then, I didn’t! Yay! (Isn’t this a great story so far?) 

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