The bachelorette party | chicago, IL

October 4, 2019 in Wedding, Wedding - 1 Comment

The bachelorette party | chicago, IL

October 4, 2019 in Wedding, Wedding - 1 Comment

“I don’t want a penis hat.” I texted Klaudia. <— Something I never thought I’d have to say, but these are the kinds of things you need to specify when your friends are planning your bachelorette party.

I don’t know if our mothers and grandmothers went out the night before their weddings wearing penis necklaces and sipped out of penis shaped straws, but – if you’ve been to a bachelorette party recently – you know that penis things are all the rage.

“What about a sash?” She texted back. “Will you wear a Bride-To-Be sash?”

Sashes, veils, anything “cutesy bride” – I’m all about it. So I responded with, “Sure!”

I didn’t have much of a hand when it came to the planning part of my bachelorette party – my friends organized everything, and I was completely fine with that. The only input I offered was, “No penis necklaces” and “don’t make me do anything weird”.

“Weird?” She asked. “What do you mean by ‘weird’?”

I had visions of being dragged onto a stage somewhere while a male stripper danced around me and the crowd chanted “Slap. His. Ass! Slap. His. Ass!”

I’m not much an ass slapper. I’m boring. I just wanted to drink champagne and go to a spa or something. But nobody likes a stick in the mud – so I decided that, whatever my friends cooked up, I was just going to roll with it.

Labor Day weekend – my friends from Ohio arrived late Friday night and early Saturday morning. We piled into the car and headed towards the hotel that Klaudia had booked in Chicago.

By the time we arrived, the girls had already decorated. Signs, streamers, cutesy things that said “Bride” and “Bride Tribe” (and like I said, I’m all about anything “cutesy bride”, so.already I was jazzed.)

The hotel gifted us a complimentary bottle of champagne (which we drank immediately) and then we got ready for dinner. Dinner was at Il Porcellino, an Italian restaurant in River North which Google describes as “casual chic”.

It was DELICIOUS. If you like Italian food – and you find yourself in Chicago, check it out (but I suggest trying to make a reservation if you can, it might be a pretty long wait without one.)

Next stop – a rooftop lounge.

Okay, I’m going to be honest – I don’t know where we were. Initially we had plans to go to an open rooftop, like LondonHouse or Cindy’s, but then it started to rain so we ended up at the first “enclosed rooftop” lounge we could find. I’m honestly not sure if any of us remember the name of it. Regardless – it was very lounge-y and fancy and gave us a nice (dry/warm) view of the city.

After that we wandered over towards Howl At The Moon, a dueling piano bar in River North. Dueling piano bars are fun because they’re a little more unique than clubs and a lot more fun than a regular bar.

Eventually we made it back to our hotel where we stayed up for a bit playing “Bachelorette games” (mostly just “Never have I ever, except with cards that read “Bachelorette games” on the back) and drinking more champagne.

All in all – it was the most incredible bachelorette weekend I could have imagined with the most incredible people. My amazing friends went all out and made me feel so special. If you want your Bachelorette party in Chicago to be as good, I suggest making my friend Klaudia your maid of honor. She’s the best, and she won’t make you wear a penis necklace.

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  • Looking for the Light October 5, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    looks like you had a great time and friends did a great job of celebrating your big day.

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