10 Reasons Why I’m Not A Successful Blogger.

I am a bad blogger. Not even like a “cool and edgy” “bad blogger”… nah, I’m just bad at being a blogger. (For example, I use quotation marks when there is ZERO NEED TO USE QUOTATION MARKS. So… maybe that makes me edgy? Or just bad at third grade English.)

Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a good blogger. I’ll glance through my content and pretend that I’m a “visitor”, a “viewer” of this amazing site. Just a regular old Internet person and – “Wow! This is great content! I’m really funny!”

I think that to myself. “I’m really funny!” This is probably why I don’t have a lot of traffic and it’s taken me three years just to reach 1,400 subscribers…. which is crazy, because I’m, like, really funny. “If more people knew about my site – my traffic would skyrocket. I might even be famous.”

Yea. Sure. It’s been on the Internet for three years and you’ve promoted it on every social media platform out there – but obviously people don’t know about it. That’s why you’re not famous yet.

There may be other reasons. When I got cocky and asked the Facebook-blogging-community-group for feedback on my TOTALLY AMAZING site… not one of them said it was funny. Or amazing. Or that they would even come back! I did not gain ONE new reader from this experiment… which, honestly, is a little disheartening, especially since I’m so funny.

“Why aren’t I gaining traffic?” I asked them. “I feel like my content is unique, why aren’t people reading?”

I can’t lie to you – I’m so full of myself, I was half expecting everyone to say, “I don’t know – your content is great! I’m going to subscribe and tell all of my friends about you too!”

That didn’t happen. If you’ve ever wanted honest feedback about your website… please go to an Internet-Facebook-Blogging-Community-Group, and they will give you totally honest feedback. And it will probably sting a little if your super inflated ego is as big as mine.

10 Reasons Why I’m Not A Successful Blogger (According to the Internet):

  1. “Your title is illegible. And also super confusing.”

    For those of you who may have zoomed by it, my “title” reads “Style and travel and stories and other things I haven’t thought of yet”….. it’s a run-on sentence. I get it. It’s not very blog-reader-friendly. But that pretty much sums up what’s in store for you here at Jenn’s Fashion. It’s not really a “fashion blog” – the “fashion” is peppered in with travel stories, and wedding stuff, and sometimes when I try to redecorate our apartment? I’ll talk about that stuff too. I went through a cleaning and organizing spell – I wrote about that. One time in high school, I was in a play where I had to dress up as a farmer – that post is in here. So if you can think of a better title to sum up allllllll of that nonsense – PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Because I’ve racked my brain and I’ve got nothing other than “Stories that Jenn likes to tell”, which doesn’t sound as haphazard – and that’s really how we do things here at Jenn’s Fashion. Haphazardly.

  2. “Choose a niche, or re-think your tagline – which suggests you’re a fashion blogger… but, clearly….”

    Ugh. I know. I get it. Incase you forgot, my tagline reads “Written by someone who claims she has nothing to wear”… it’s cute, right? It’s funny? I’m SO funny. But I get it – readers assume they’re in for a fashionista type of blog when they read that tag line, then they scroll down and see some dumb post about Yosemite, or how I organized my bathroom, or about the wedding planner who tried to sell us on a venue that offered portable toilets. PORTABLE TOILETS. Is that not more entertaining to read about than ‘how to style a scarf’?

    Fine. I need to change my tagline.

  3. “Are the periods in your titles a style choice? Because they’re out of place.”

    Yea. They’re a style choice. And that style is “this is the end of the sentence”. (Also I like them – is that weird? I don’t know. They just feel more cohesive. I know they’re not technically needed for a “title” but they give me an edge, right? How many other blogs do you see with titles that have periods? And it’s MY blog, right? So I can do whatever I want!)

    Okay, fine, they’re wrong. Whatever.

  4. “Are you doing keyword research? SEO? Do you have a serious Pinterest strategy? A social media strategy?”

    What is a “serious” Pinterest strategy? I downloaded Tailwind once, but I didn’t know how to use it. Also, sometimes I try to incorporate “keywords”, but they don’t go with the title that I want – so out they go. I care about the writing, not the keywords. (Which is why I don’t have any traffic, because Google can’t find my blog.)

  5. “You don’t post consistently.”

    I know.

  6. “If you’re going to be a fashion blogger, I need to see more pictures of you and the outfits.”

    Do you know how hard it is to get your fiancé to spend a Saturday afternoon taking pictures of you wearing different outfits? Our photoshoots usually go like this –
    HIM: “Okay, do whatever you’re going to do.”
    ME: “Okay.” *Hair flip* “Wait.” *Stands on tip toes to make legs look longer* “Okay, I’m ready.” *Looks away because I want one of those ‘looking away’ photos that are supposed to be candid even though they never, ever are* *Feels awkward*
    HIM: “Stop moving around so much.”
    ME: “I want it to look natural!”
    HIM: “Well it’s going to look blurry, just stand still”
    **People walk by**
    ME: “Okay, stop. Stop. Did you get it?”
    HIM: “No, you were moving.”
    ME: “Let me see it.”
    HIM: “Ugh.”

    Imagine that ten times in a row. Because that’s what we do every time we take “blog pictures”.

  7. “Are you even on social media?”

    Yea. I mean, I’m on Instagram. But I don’t post much on there, because – see above.

  8. “Your posts are too long. No one wants to read anything that takes longer than two minutes to read.”

    Then people are lazy! Two minutes? Really?

  9. “You’re not solving any problems.”

    I know. I don’t know HOW to solve problems. I can barely manage to solve my own problems, and if you read my posts, you’d know that.

  10. “Are you using Google Analytics?”

    Yea. That’s how I know I don’t have any traffic. Thanks.

What do you think? Do you also struggle with consistent traffic and just being a blogger in general? Let me know in the comment section!

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  1. Tbh, I like your blog. I’m happy to read stuff that’s going to take longer than two minutes (as long as it’s interesting, which yours is). I have a similar problem, except I don’t take my blog too seriously. I know no one reads my blog, but truth be told, I don’t really mind. It’s a cathartic thing for me and I find it quite enjoyable. I don’t influence anyone, I simply muddle my way through life trying to make sense of everything, sharing little epiphanies I have along the way. Can’t help you with the increasing site traffic, but remember it’s supposed to be fun too – else what’s the point? ❤️

  2. I found your post from the Facebook group and I love your writing! I think you are funny and I love how much personality your site has! Keep up the good work!

  3. I hear you about not being niche enough. If I waited to find my my niche before starting to blog, I’d have no blog so… I’m a generalist in most other areas of my life where others are laser focused on something. I just find so many things funny/worthy of comment. So niche probably isn’t happening for me.

  4. I’m not sure I’ve really paid attention to reading your posts (emphasis on not sure..lol) but this post is funny, in a good way, it’s like we were having a girl to girl bloggers gist and you were trying to prove to me that you’re your own boss…lol, I like you.

    About the niche thing, it’s okay to be without a niche, i mean, it’s really hard to curtail the mind and everyone cannot fit into a box so yeah… I think you should keep doing you. If you want to find a niche, let it be on your own terms and not under the influence of some facebook bloggers so…I think it’s okay to doubt yourself and ideas sometimes but I do think you are really amazing!

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