Am I Too Old To Shop Here?

I’m getting old. Maybe not “bird sweatshirts and pants with elastic waistbands” old – but at least the kind of old where I find myself saying things like, “Is this what the kids are wearing now?”

‘The kids’. I don’t know any adults wearing gingham print crop tops and “distressed high rise bicycle shorts”, so it must be high school kids – otherwise, who is buying “ruched velvet tube bodysuits”?

These are questions that I ask myself every time I step into Forever 21. Also, why am I still going into stores like Forever 21? I am thirty years old. My days of wearing denim mini-skirts and pleather leggings should be over.

And they are! I haven’t worn a denim mini-skirt since… I don’t know, since Laguna Beach was still on the air and it was my mission in life to look like “a brunette version of Kristin Cavallari”. But every once in awhile I still wander into this store thinking that I’ll find something really cute for really cheap and that maybe people will think it was expensive. Maybe people won’t know I only paid $12 for this purse that is clearly a Gucci knock-off and has a brassy looking “C” instead of a “G” because-nobody-wants-to-get-sued-for-product-infringement.

Ugh. I hate those purses.

Anyway. I’m not saying it’s wrong to shop at Forever 21 – when I was younger, I vowed to ALWAYS shop at Forever 21. Many times as a
“stylish” seventeen year old I can remember thinking, “I should always shop here. Even when I’m older. It’s way cheaper, and that way I will ALWAYS keep up with the trends- even when I’m old.”

Well, now I’m “old” – and I’m saying, “You don’t always have to keep up with ALL the trends. Maybe just the age appropriate ones.”

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question – “Am I too old to shop here?”, the answer is probably “yes”. But not to worry! Below I’ve compiled a list of “more age appropriate” stores to shop at based on it’s teenager-y equivalent.

If teenage-you liked: Aeropostale and American Eagle
Adult-you will love: Abercrombie & Fitch

When I told one of my friends that the shirt I was wearing came from Abercrombie, she said “Wasn’t that store cool in, like, the early 2000’s?” Yes. Yes it was. And my allowance couldn’t afford to buy anything in there – but now, as an adult who makes more than $10 a week – I’m making up for lost time. Also, the stuff in there is actually really cute and mostly age appropriate.

If teenage-you liked: Charlotte Russe
Adult-you will love: Express

If you were into “dressier” glam type of clothes as a teenager, you’ll love the trends in Express. They’re chic and modern and perfect for dress clothes.

If teenage-you liked: Old Navy
Adult-you will love: The Gap

These two stores are actually owned by the same company. The Gap is literally the parent of Old Navy (I think). Regardless, if you were into the preppy laid back vibes of Old Navy when you were younger, you’ll be happy to find those styles in The Gap while maintaining a level of sophistication.

If teenage-you liked: Forever 21
Adult-you will love: Lulus

This may be an “online only” store, but everything I’ve ordered from here has been perfect. Decent prices, well-made, and a little more sophisticated than Forever 21.

If teenage-you liked: Wet Seal
Adult-you will love: Evereve

If you were into the edgy vibes of Wet Seal as a teen, you’ll love Evereve. Offering edgy vibes for women – think Carrie Bradshaw vibes.

Other stores that you’re NOT too old to shop at where you can find a great dal: Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Urban Outfitters…. because, honestly, I still find stuff at Urban Outfitters, even though it’s geared toward the younger crowd.

Did I miss any? What are you favorite places to shop? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Lovely post, I’ve definitely had the “am I too old to shop here” moment. If you loved Garage, you’ll love Dynamite! Owned by the same company, but Dynamite is geared toward the “young professional” crowd. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh god I love this. I found with TK Maxx that there suddenly comes a time when you stay away from the ‘Modbox’ section (not sure if they call it that in the US) – it’s exactly as you describe. Stuff teens wear. Here’s to embracing what actually looks good on us now rather than mourning that which looked good 10 years ago! Cheers from the UK.

  3. have definitely had this moment when trying to find a summer dress(es). it’s scary as you get older and go into shops geared towards adults the price goes up even though i personally find a lot of the clothes i love with prints and colours geared toward the teenage/college/university students cheaper and cuter.

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