24 Hours in Phoenix, AZ.

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24 Hours in Phoenix, AZ.

September 21, 2018 in Travel - No Comments
Kingman, AZ. 2017.

We made a pit-stop in Phoenix last year on our way from The Grand Canyon to San Francisco (which is not at all between “The Grand Canyon and San Francisco”, for those of you familiar with geography, but it was one of the places that had an airport relatively nearby – and also because, during the planning process, I said, “Ooh! We should go to Phoenix! It’s so cool! I was there a few years ago with some friends, we loved it.”)

We LOVED IT. In hindsight, I’m trying to remember why we loved it – maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was -2 degrees back home and in Phoenix we got to wear bikinis and drink margaritas all day. That might have had something to do with it.

But I managed to forget about all of that when I said “We should to go to Phoenix!”, “It’s going to be so fun!”, “They have cactuses there!”.… so we went to Phoenix. They have cactuses there.

Phoenix, AZ. 2017.

We arrived late that night, after driving all day from The Grand Canyon. Our flight to San Francisco was scheduled for 10PM the following night, so we had roughly 24 hours to kill. 24 hours. Only, like, eight or nine of those would be spent sleeping.

I made us get up early to “get a jump start” on the day. This way we could really “see” Phoenix. My list of consisted of (and this is what it actually said in my phone):

  • Garden place (Desert Botanical garden)
  • Camelback mountain?

That’s it. Two things. Well, really, one thing and a question mark thing. I wasn’t sure how we’d feel after climbing around the Grand Canyon all day – if we’d really want to spend the next day hiking up a mountain – so I was like, “Uh… maybe we can go there? If we feel like it?”

Turns out – climbing a mountain in 110 degree weather? HAH. No thanks. Pass. Don’t put me down for cardio.

Phoenix, AZ. 2017.

So instead we went to brunch (food is usually a back-up alternative that we can both agree on) at a little restaurant in Scottsdale. I don’t remember the name of it, but I remember that the wait was long and it had 5 stars on Yelp (that’s how we usually pick our brunch spots on vacation – the Yelp part, not the long-line part). It was time to plan out our next activity. We’d already decided “climbing a mountain” was out because it was “just SOO hot”. 

“We could check out that garden place?” I suggested. It was the only other option on my list.

So we drove out to ‘the garden place’ (AKA: Desert Botanical Garden), hopped out of the car and –

“Ugh. It’s so hot.” I said as we walked up to the entrance.

“I know.” Kyle agreed. Then he looked at the entrance prices to get into the garden. “Twenty-five dollars per person? Seriously?” 

“Ugh… and it’s OUTSIDE…?” Whiny-McWhinerson over here. (Me.)

“Dude, I don’t want to walk around in this heat.” 

“Me either…”

“Can’t we just take pictures of it from out here? The plants around the entrance look cool.”

“Yea, let’s do that.” 

Entrance to the Desert Botanical Garden. 

So, we didn’t go to the garden place, and we didn’t go to Camelback mountain. Because it was too hot and we thought we might melt.

What did we even do in Phoenix last year? All I can remember was trying to constantly find activities that took place in air conditioning.

  • “Hiking” 
    • This was not real hiking. This was a little hill that we climbed overlooking the desert behind our hotel. And the only reason we did this was to take pictures of cactuses.


  • Jamba Juice
    • You’re reading this to find out what we did in Phoenix. This is one of the things we did in Phoenix. We went to Jamba Juice.
  • House hunting 
    • During our drive around Scottsdale (to kill time and find air conditioning), we stumbled across an open house in one of the residential communities. (I don’t know how we ended up back here. We saw a sign on the side of the road that said “Open House!” and decided to check it out. We weren’t planning on moving to Arizona, but we wanted to see what the houses looked like. Also, they had air conditioning, and we were bored.
    • (A few months later, after we got back, and I was watching The Bachelor – I learned that Ari, THE BACHELOR, was a realtor in Scottsdale and I now like to think that this open house was one of his and we COULD HAVE POSSIBLY MET HIM IF WE’D JUST STUCK AROUND A LITTLE LONGER. UGGGH!!)


Shortly after “house hunting”, we found a loungey-pubby type of restaurant in Tempe where we decided to hang out until it was time to leave for the airport. I don’t remember what this restaurant was called either – but it also had five stars on Yelp.

Have any of you ever remembered a vacation spot WAAAY better than it actually is? Because I had a blast in Phoenix when I visited the first time. Probably because I was able to spend the majority of it in a pool.



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