Decorating our new apartment!

June 28, 2017 in Interior Style - 1 Comment

Decorating our new apartment!

June 28, 2017 in Interior Style - 1 Comment


Here’s something I never thought I’d say: “We need shelf liner.”

Shelf liner used to be just one of those dumb “extra”, “Mom”-type things that somehow found it’s way into every apartment that I’ve ever lived in – cut up, and laid flat in the kitchen cabinets.

I say “somehow” like it magically appeared there. It didn’t. My mom would buy this stuff for me – because she’s a mom, and it’s kind of a “mom” thing – and say “This is to line the shelves of your kitchen cabinets before you put the dishes away.” And I would say “Oh, okay, cool” – even though I had no idea why. Does it stop your plates from sliding around? (Can plates really just “slide” around in there?) Does it stop your glasses from smelling like *shelf*? (Aka, wood). Can it keep you from getting splinters?

I don’t know. It might just be wallpaper for the kitchen cabinets. But – whatever it does – I knew that I needed it for our new apartment before I could put the dishes away. God forbid we put away our Target brand plates and funny wine glasses that say things like “I make pour decisions” into a cabinet with naked shelves.

Maybe it’s a waste of money, but there’s something so satisfying about seeing it every morning when I open up my kitchen cabinets. Not only do I have matching dishes, I have shelf liner.  Look at me go – being an adult and stuff. Good job, Jenn. 

Not only do I have shelf liner, I have bamboo utensil organizers (whatever those things are called. You know, where the forks go. In the drawer, with the spoons and the knives. I’m just calling it a “utensil organizer” to sound fancy, but I wrote “silverware thing” in the shopping list on my phone.) AND matching dishes.

The matching dishes thing is very important to me. I know this because when Kyle thought we needed more plates and offered to pick some up at Target, and I said “No, I’ll have to order the same ones from the website – we can’t have dishes that don’t match” – I realized that we apparently can’t have dishes that don’t match.

I’m learning new stuff about myself every day.

Like that I can realllllllly appreciate the placement of a nice, decorative bath towel. Not to be confused with a regular bath towel. Regular bath towels are the towels that are stacked in the linen cupboard to use when you get out of the shower – and it’s okay if you get orange tanning residue, or make-up, or mascara, or dirt, or whatever on them. They’re towels, that’s what they’re for. But decorative towels on the other hand – totally different story. They’re chosen deliberately to match – what the pros call – a “bathroom color scheme” (just kidding, I don’t know what the pros call it) and are typically folded in a very deliberate manner and DELICATELY placed over an existing towel rack or … well, I think that’s pretty much the only place they go. Towel racks. And then people’s husbands or boyfriends whine about how there is a perfectly good towel hanging “RIGHT THERE” on a perfectly good towel rack and they’re not allowed to touch it. “Why?” they say.

I get it. I used to ask my mom that same question. One day, a towel just showed up in our guest bathroom that my mom gave us strict instructions NOT to use. “Seriously?” I said. “Why? That’s dumb.” 

But, you know what? It’s NOT dumb, okay? It’s pretty. And that’s why it’s there. To make the bathroom pretty. Because, let’s face it, there’s really only so much decorating you can do in a bathroom. It’s not like a living room or a bedroom where you can buy accent pillows and ceramic pineapples and stuff.

I really want a ceramic pineapple. I’ve been eyeing the white ones at TJ Maxx, but I keep talking myself out of it because I can’t quite convince myself WHY I want a ceramic pineapple. It’s literally a ceramic pineapple. That’s it. Sure, they’re trendy on Instagram, but how do I explain that when people come over and comment on the fact that I have a mini statue of a pineapple in my house? “They’re trendy,” I’ll say. And – pretty much everyone in my social circle – is going to say, “Okay..? I guess?”.

And then they’ll wonder if I’m taking this ‘fashion blogging’ thing a little too far. Which is just silly, considering I only post once every other month. You know, like someone who’s realllllly taking it seriously.

For the record, I would like to take this blog more seriously. But as you can see, I’ve been busy decorating my apartment like a crazy person like an adult. Apparently the process took longer than the “couple of days” that I anticipated. And now it’s time to make a Target run so I can stand in their pillow aisle for 20 minutes contemplating the difference between “white” and “kind of white” and which would look better on our couch.

How do you guys feel about “house decorating” and the crazy “ceramic pineapple trend”? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

PS: More pictures of our finished apartment to follow soon! (And by “soon”, I mean ACTUALLY soon. Not another month and a half… probably. Haha!) 


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  • Enjoying the Journey with Harper June 28, 2017 at 4:29 am

    Super cute post!!! ?? Look forward to the pics. ?

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